How i lose my fat?

Catherine tea is an herbal tea that acts an advanced dietary supplement supposedly. It guarantees to slim the body by eliminating all the harmful toxins present in the body. The toxins are said to be the fats that deposit in the skin and become harmful to the body.  It burns all the fat stores in the belly and regulates all the chemical processes taking place in it. It is essentially used by women to get fit and slim waists, but recently men have started using it too.


  • Senna leaves
  • Senna pods
  • Garcinia
  • floschrysanthemi

How to use:

Drop one bag of Catherine tea in hot water. Let it stay for 10-20 minutes. Remove the tea bag after it has been steeped fully. Stir well and drink it.


It helps to increase the stomach metabolism. It burns all the excessive belly fat and gives a perfect waistline. It regulates the stomach function and helps in the digestion of food easily.

This amazing herbal tea helps reduce aging. The organic ingredients and their working helps to protect body cells from damage. It gives a clear, radiant, and smooth skin.

It decontaminates the body and lessens any toxins present that could harm the body.

Instead of taking any medications and going for surgeries, this tea is a natural remedy of weight loss. It is not only effective, but also cost efficient.

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