Joan of Arc Red Fake Hymen Kit


The Joan of arc hymen is a sort of a prosthetic membrane that stimulates the loss of blood when losing virginity. It is an artificial virginity. It is made up of water soluble cellulose, which contains a powdered red colored albumin. It is a harmless product as the cellulose does not penetrate into the cells of vaginal epithelium. It is a replacement with a real human hymen, that the consumer places into the vagina, 15 minutes prior to the intercourse. It temporarily behaves as an intact hymen, when properly inserted into the vagina. It is an amazing ability of an individual to become a virgin again. It is best for those who cannot open up about their past experiences with their families and want to live a life free from all insecurities.
• 100% natural
• No pain
• No side effects
• No medical surgeries
• No anxiety
• Easy and convenient
• Boosts self confidence


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